Guitar Tracks Recorded to Your Specifications for Your Projects!

You need a guitar player who can reliably deliver the guitar overdubs your project needs.

Every successful composer, songwriter, arranger and programmer knows that guitar overdubs with the right sounds and the right stylistic approach are crucial to the success of a project. Don’t spend hours auditioning samples and trying to program a guitar track when you could simply take advantage of the broad range of guitars and sounds I bring to your project as a highly experienced and creative studio guitar player.

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“Jerry Kimbrough is, without a doubt, my favorite guitarist. Regardless of the style of a song or record, Jerry always makes the music soar. His studio work is inspiring. I find myself writing with great anticipation to hear what Jerry will play.”
—John Bettis, Songwriters Hall of Fame, 2011/One Moment In Time–Whitney Houston/Human Nature–Michael Jackson/Goodbye Philadelphia–Peter Cincotti

“Man, I love it. It’s so great the way you know how to create cohesion. It takes the music up a level higher than before. Great.”
—Jorgen, Denmark