Guitar Tracks Recorded to Your Specifications for Your Projects!


Add Attitude with Guitar Overdubs!

Which attitude? Whichever attitude your project needs! Maybe all your project calls for is some simple, straightforward guitar parts. Or, maybe you’re looking for an electric guitar sound that will give your project a certain attitude or special vibe. Reach into my arsenal for a guitar with some extra personality, such as any (or all!) of the following:

Does your project need steel string or nylon string acoustic guitar? You can specify fingerpicking and/or strumming, doubling (same part played twice to create a stereo image) or stacking (additional part/parts above or below the principal part), even add fills or a solo. Looking for a little extra magic as I overdub acoustic guitars for your project? Talk to me about adding any of the following specialty acoustic guitars:

For questions or details, e-mail me at

“Jerry Kimbrough is the best, all around session guitar player I’ve ever worked with. He is a master of so many styles and has great sounding guitars and effects. His taste is impeccable on every tune.” —Randy Goodrum, Songwriter (You Needed Me/Anne Murray; Foolish Heart/Steve Perry; I’ll Be Over You/Toto; Lesson In Leavin’/JoDee Messina; 20-20/George Benson…to name a few!)

“Jerry consistently gets it right – he understands what I’m after and is
able to quickly deliver amazing guitar tracks.”
—Tom, Perth, Australia

“Jerry Kimbrough is one of the best musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His musical contributions are consistently fresh, original, and ‘radio-friendly.’ Jerry’s talent blows me away—and what a nice guy! That’s why I use him to play on my demos and why I hired him to play on my own album.”
—Jason Blume, Zomba Music/Cuts by The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears

“Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your guitar work for ‘Her Life’s a Play.’ Now that I’ve had a chance to add the tracks to the mix, it sounds so good. Thanks again for outstanding work. I’ll be in touch shortly about the next song.”
—Andrew, United Kingdom

“I find Jerry to be an extremely inventive player. Always coming up with the ‘right feel at the right time.’ He’s got great technique, and a great sense of what’s ‘Hip.’”
—Steve Dorff, Dreamworks SKG/Hit Songwriter and Composer for TV and Film

“Jerry is one of the most versatile and talented musicians I’ve ever met. He’s thoroughly professional, he’s equally as good on electric as acoustic, and he contributes heavily to the creative process during sessions.”
—Jeff Brock, Brock Music, Inc.