Jerry Kimbrough

Jerry Kimbrough

Every successful composer, songwriter, arranger and programmer knows that guitar overdubs with the right sounds and the right stylistic approach are crucial to the success of a project. Don’t spend hours auditioning samples and trying to program a guitar track when you could simply take advantage of the broad range of guitars and sounds I bring to your project as an experienced and highly creative studio guitar player.

I’m Jerry Kimbrough, a longtime studio guitarist in one of the greatest music towns in the world, Nashville, Tennessee. I’m fortunate to work with some of the best musicians in the world, adding my creative expertise to pop, rock, country, alternative, Americana, gospel, jazz and various dance music projects…including any combination of the above that you could imagine and some you’d rather not! I’ve recorded on projects for independent artists, publishers and record labels big and small, as well as for advertising and broadcast music on both the local and national level.

I get these calls because I’m a reliable professional with an easygoing attitude, lots of great guitars and great sounds. But more importantly, I get called because of the creativity and attention to detail I bring to my work in an effort to make people’s projects sound better than they would have otherwise. And I’m here to do the same for you…

Add Attitude With Guitar Overdubs Which attitude? Whichever attitude your project needs. Maybe your project calls for some simple, straightforward guitar overdubs, or maybe you’re looking for less typical guitars and sounds for overdubs that will give your project a certain attitude or special vibe. Let’s reach into my arsenal of electric guitars, amps and fx to give your project some extra personality.

Does your project need steel string or nylon string acoustic guitar overdubs ? You can specify finger picking and / or strumming, doubling (same part played twice to create a stereo image) or stacking (additional part/parts above or below the principal part), even add fills or a solo. Ask me about other acoustic instruments to compliment your basic acoustic guitar overdubs.

For questions or details, contact me here.

Guitar Overdubs…How It Works Send me an .mp3 of your project and let’s talk about what guitars and sounds your project needs. You may have specific ideas, or you may just want me to follow my instincts, get creative and do the right thing for your project based on my experience. All overdubs are recorded with Neumann, Royer, Miktek, Shure and Audio Technica mics and Neve and API mic preamps into Apogee Symphony/Thunderbridge converters and then into Pro Tools.

How much time and effort do you want me to invest in your project? My rate for guitar overdubs on your project is $75.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. When your guitar overdubs are complete, I will email you an mp3 rough mix of your project as it now sounds with the guitar tracks added. I will not accept payment for my work nor will I send you the guitar track files until you express your complete satisfaction with the work. When you’re completely satisfied with your guitar tracks, you will pay me online using PayPal. Your payment is a binding indication of your complete satisfaction with the guitar tracks: there will be no refunds, adjustments, voids, or chargebacks.

Once your payment has been received I will send you your guitar track files in the bit rate, resolution and file format of your choice, using whatever delivery method you are most comfortable with.

It’s that easy! Reach out to me…I’m here to help.

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Jerry is, without a doubt, my favorite guitarist. Regardless of the style of a song or record, Jerry always makes the music soar. His studio work is inspiring. I find myself writing with great anticipation to hear what Jerry will play.

— John Bettis, Songwriters Hall of Fame, 2011 (Human Nature-Michael Jackson; One Moment In Time-Whitney Houston; Slowhand-Conway Twitty)